Pat and Prue Lonergan
Rolfe Creek and Parnu, Clermont


Pat and Prue Lonergan own and manage two cattle properties, “Rolfe Creek” and “Parnu”, near Clermont in Central Queensland.

At a glance

Location: Clermont, Central Queensland
Property size: Rolfe Creek 4600ha / Parnu 2250ha
Type of operation: Beef production, breeding and trading

For years, the couple injected funds from their off-farm businesses into the development of their properties and believe Project Pioneer helped spearhead their growing business, as priorities were identified methods of consolidation were highlighted – they learnt to utilise the skills and opportunities they had already.

“We needed a better understanding of how we could make our cattle business more profitable,” Prue said.

“There was a lot to do and it was hard to know where to begin! For us, it really started to streamline things in terms of what our priorities were because you can’t do it all at once – physically or financially.

Understanding and applying the grazing principles outlined by Project Pioneer allowed the Lonergans to create an infrastructure plan, develop grazing plans to suit their management style and apply these strategies to their business. Pat said the tools gathered throughout the Project had streamlined all aspects of the business together.

“It’s knowing where we sit at the end of the growing season and having a plan, and knowing in advance that we’re going to run out of grass at a certain point in time so we can manage this with stocking rates,” Pat said.

“It’s enabling to have so many decision-making tools at your disposal for all aspects of the business.”


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Project Pioneer is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. The project is delivered by RCS with support from WWF, Maia Technology, Farm Map 4D and CQUniversity.